A season of layering awaits

Some interesting dressing trends await us as we enter autumn, the season when the weather blows hot and cold. One of these trends is layering, which used to be a much-mocked way of dealing with the somewhat unpredictable weather, but is now in style. As the fashion shows that set the trends for 2012 come to an end, we have been able to pick up tips about the coming season’s newest trend, including fabrics, designs, new cuts and of course accessories. But more surprising was the way clothing was used in these collections. From the multi-layered outfits showed off on catwalks, it is clear that a season of heavy layering awaits us!

But what does this really mean? It does not mean a long skirt paired with a sweater, or throwing a coat over this combination and heading out. What it means is increasing the number of pieces you are wearing on your body. If you are wearing a sweater, it means throwing on a turtleneck bodysuit underneath, and then maybe a vest over the sweater. Add to that combo a lightweight jacket, and you’re ready to go. The truth is, this increase in the number of pieces of clothing looks like it will be working in favor of clothing firms, as you’ll need to buy more to complete your look. Of course, you can always do this without feeling you have to buy anything new. Or just buy one new piece, perhaps, that fits with your other pieces and create a whole new look. In fact, layering can be a great way to integrate pieces of clothing you might have never worn, but are just sitting there on hangers in your wardrobe, into your daily outfits.

Women who wear headscarves are very experienced when it comes to long-sleeved bodysuits. In fact, these clothing items were some of the first to really be adopted into the wardrobes of headscarved women, from ready-to-wear labels. But nowadays, and this season in particular, it is not just headscarved women wearing these long-sleeved bodysuits. We saw many examples on the catwalks this fall that included this item of clothing. Sometimes they appeared under a tunic, other times inside a shirt, other times under a vest. Some of the most popular versions seemed to be bodysuits with turtlenecks. One beautiful look we noticed was a turtlenecked body suit under a silk blouse, used in promotional shots by the Turkish firm, Adl.


Shawls returning to the spotlight

There are quite a few labels that brought layered looks to the catwalks this season. Chloe, Chanel, Kenzo, Max Azria, Rag and Bone, Clements Riberio and Ralph Lauren are some of the first that come to mind. And then, of course, there is the Donna Karan label, which has a unique take on this trend.

Shawls, in the meantime, have also made a big return this fall, appearing in plaid and worn as outer pieces over outfits. I guess it helps that layering is in again!

How to dress now? With a wide variety of “in” designs this fall and winter, the real conundrum is how to dress in layers without being tasteless. Many designers are leaning towards monochrome colors. And you might also want to think about trying out tones that are similar, or even just the same color, when you are layering this fall and winter. Also, using different materials in the same outfit — while keeping colors the same — can be very chic. For example, leather and lace, velvet and wool, cashmere and silk. Jersey pieces are also very important this season. And as for cardigans, they are key to the whole layering game. As for pieces with designs, these can be more difficult to work in. Especially since repetitive designs are big in fashion this year. One trend we are seeing this year is designs on top and on the bottom of the outfit. If you are going to wear different pieces with designs, try to make sure they are close in color and tone. This will give you a softer look. Another seasonal layering tip: Jackets are being spotted under coats on the catwalks! Just one more thing to keep in mind.


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